June 7th, 2005

Evocatively me


Have you seen this image?

Jenn/Me: I need to find someone to do a drawing for me.
Monte: of what?
Jenn/Me: A girl who has just leapt from a cliff, in a swan dive with her eyes closed and wings bursting from her back.
Jenn/Me: What do you think?
Monte: I am trying to think whether I've seen it before
Monte: I'm almost positive I have, somewhere
Monte: but I can't remember
Jenn/Me: It's an archetypical image.
Monte: absolutely
Jenn/Me: I can see the image in my mind's eye and I want it.
Monte: well, I can see why
Monte: I'll dig around a bit
Monte: and if not, maybe we can find you an artist
Jenn/Me: I'll ping LJ, too.
Jenn/Me: Excellent!