June 1st, 2005



Sagittarius -
Sometimes the best gift you can give your ego is to tell it you're not going to be its slave anymore. You say to it, "I'm tired of being whipped around by every one of your ever-shifting little needs, and I'm sick of having to kowtow to your inexhaustible demands, and I want to be free of your insatiable craving to be appreciated, recognized, and adored. Go away and leave me alone. I'm just going to be who I am without worrying about you at all." Delivering this message often has a radically healing effect. Your ego gets shocked into a state of humility, and you get to do what your soul has been longing to do. Ironically, this often results in you creating changes that make your ego very happy.
Daddy Vader


dancingshaman receives MAJOR props for this new icon. He says, "If you get the inside, you can use the icon." I don't know how many people will get this joke, but I know a few up here should. If you do, don't give it away.