May 27th, 2005


Working at Home Weekend

Well, crap. Guess what I just realized. Work on my condo starts around the first of the month. I have a week or so before they start needing access to my house to replace my windows and doors and such. I just reread the part where it says that "all furniture must be moved 3-4 feet away from the windows."

*looks at all of the stuff around that needs to be moved... the 7 foot cherry wood bookcase in the living room... the huge desk and one of the bookshelves in the library... all the stuff by the window seat*

Mother puss-bucket. So much for a relaxing weekend. At least, I'm not doing anything involving automation.

Note to self: Remember to make a sign about the cat:
Feral rescue cat on premise.
Will try to escape. Will bite.
Do not pet. Do not leave the door open.

I wonder if that's strongly enough worded. Or, if that will just encourage them to try to play with her.

Have I mentioned how much I loath the idea of strangers wandering around my home while I'm not here? It makes me paranoid. It makes me feel like I need to pack up all of those little things that are precious to me.