May 25th, 2005



I'm doing better than I was yesterday. No jumping out of windows or anything. VERY busy with automation but, damn, I think I'm on track. Tonight, season finale of LOST with Will and Cynthia and kitties. I'm tempted to take something alcoholic over as well.
Evocatively me

I Do Think of You

I'm thinking of you whether you know it or not. I think of a lot of my friends throughout the day for random reasons - most of which have nothing to do with LJ.

I thought of bysmael this morning when I saw the pink tipped white rose he gave me yesterday. I wondered if I ever thanked him for giving me the rose. I was half asleep when he gave it to me. I hope so, it's one of my all time favorite roses.

I thought of mactavish this afternoon while I was taking a much needed break. I was sitting outside in the sun, drinking a mocha and I noticed the prettiest purple iris. I wondered how she was doing and if the irises were in bloom in CA.

I thought of lemurling at lunch when I heard the word "zoo" come from a side conversation. It reminded me of SF Zoo, the lemurs and her enthusiasm for them and the trip.

I thought of poetry_lady when I read the word "purple" today. It reminded me that I needed to invite her out to coffee again.

The list goes on. I think of you guys all the time.