May 3rd, 2005

Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth


Interesting and strange dream this morning. It reminds me very much of a pseudo-birth dream in some instances. I am being chased by an animated construction vehicle. I instinctively flee to a remote farmhouse where I discover that this has all been planned for and I can escape through a secret tunnel. bysmael has a cameo role in it. He continues to represent the archetype of the creative facilitator for me in my dreams.

Tacoma Screw
I was living in a small rural town where a large construction vehicle called the Tacoma Screw, had come to life and now ruled the town. It looked like a cross between a bulldozer and a crane. It could cause a lot of damage if it wanted to. I was the nanny for its favorite child. Something had happened to that child that was actually the fault of the Tacoma Screw but it would not acknowledge that. Therefore, it blamed what happened to the child on me and I was on the run.

I don't know why but I headed out to an old farm at the base of a plateau. Sneaking around I got into the house. There was an old man there, Ben, who demanded to know why I was there. I could not explain why I knew this would be a safe house but I knew it. I told him that I was in trouble. I was blamed for something I did not do and I was being hunted by the Tacoma Screw.

Ben sighed and sat down. I know he and I talked for a while but I don't know what of. I do remember two cats coming in to play. Suddenly, he raised his head, gestured and said, "Remember. Go to the fireplace." I stood, knowing the Tacoma Screw had tracked me here and that Ben was going to do everything possible to stop it from coming any further.

I hurried to the living room to the fireplace and moved the chairs away from it. While I was doing this, I was having flashback memories to being shown this a long time ago. I pressed the corner tile and a chair came out of the floor. As soon as I sat down in it, it lowered and dumped me into a very dusty room. I was very confused as I was seeing the room as it was many years ago when I had been there before and I was seeing it as it was now. I heard a commotion upstairs and knew I couldn't tarry.

Looking around, I found a pair of my own sneakers I thought I had lost a long time ago. Then, I found a bag to put the bottles of stored water in and food rations. In the back of my mind, Ben, as a much younger man was explaining that we could not fight the Tacoma Screw now but there would come a time that we would. It would be dangerous. We had to set people in high places. We were the people to do that. It was the most dangerous for us. If something ever happened that made the Tacoma Screw want to kill us, we were to return here.

I found some glow sticks and knew I needed them but I didn't know why until I turned and saw the tunnel. Again, Ben's voice came back to me. "It won't be an easy climb. But, it is the route to freedom. This tunnel reaches a ladder." There is a brief scene of iron rungs attached to a tunnel wall that goes straight up. "You will have to climb to the top." There is a brief scene of me climbing the rungs, one by one. I am tired, pausing to cling to it to rest. There is darkness above and below. "Once to the top, you will have to break through the thin layer of dirt and grass that will have grown over the exit." There is a brief scene of me breaking through the ground, punching my way through and climbing out to lie, gasping on the top of the plateau. "Then, you will be free." I roll over, panting and look at the beautiful blue sky with fast moving clouds.