April 10th, 2005


Just Determined... or is that Focused?

shaharazad: Hey, I saw "Super Volcano" on Discovery Channel last night.
GaanEden: I'm watching it now.
shaharazad: Wow. Just goes to prove that when you have bad disaster movies made by Discovery Channel... Well, they're still BAD.
GaanEden: So far, they don't seem to be taking themselves too seriously.
GaanEden: Just a lot of "what if's"
shaharazad: I did realize something about my end-of-civilization preparedness...
GaanEden: What's that?
shaharazad: I know where there's a tabletop water distillation unit that only like one other person besides myself knows about. I think I'd go get that first.
GaanEden: I'm not that prepared. I keep saying I'm going to get the water and food, etc and put it in a plastic tub but I haven't yet.
GaanEden: I should order some MRE's
GaanEden: http://www.dscp.dla.mil/subs/rations/meals/mres.htm
shaharazad: I actually think the film exaggerated the effects of food shortages.
GaanEden: I'm thinking MRE's just because.
shaharazad: I think I'd rather just be well-stocked on canned food. The MRE's would actually never get eaten except in an actual emergency.
GaanEden: Which is why I would get them.
GaanEden: I wonder if REI sells MREs
shaharazad: Argh! Acronym overload!
GaanEden: I just found a great emergency preparedness website.
GaanEden: Just ordered some single MREs to try, a flashlight that never needs batteries and an emergency kit for my car.
shaharazad: Nice.
GaanEden: http://theepicenter.com/
GaanEden: The Russian flashlight is particularly interesting to me. It has a pump handle.
shaharazad: Cool.
GaanEden: Man, people looking at me just online would think I was a survivalist nut between my Grants Pass Anthology, my Celebrate Diversity gun shirt and me just ordering what I ordered...
shaharazad: You're not a survivalist nut?
GaanEden: Nah. Just fascinated with apocalyptic and post apocalyptic themes...