April 6th, 2005


The Numbers

This reminds me a lot of unkyrich. It made me smile.

In other less pleasant news, I just got the final numbers on the assessment for my condo. $565/month for seven years starting May 1st. That, folks, is a new car or new granite countertops and nice wooden kitchen cabinets. That is more money than I have ever spent on any one thing including my college education except for my house which this is for. A loan until 2012, which according to some, is the year the world will change forever. Yeah. I can see it. I pay off this loan and the end of the world comes. Just my luck.

That is also most of my monthly disposable cash. No more randomly buying things just because I want them. I'm actually going to have to sit down and make a budget that includes a disposable cash allowance for me. I haven't had to do a budget for myself in many years. Believe me, the idea of it chaffs. I suppose because I grew up poor and had some hard times when I was a young adult. The petulant child in me is stomping her feet and sulking, "But, we got past all that."

Ah, well. I suppose the exercise will be good for me.
I am not a number!


Cynthia is sick and I've just been handed a crapload of stuff to do at work.


I have to do this week (2.5 days left):
1 - Two half day automation classes
2 - Complete automation of my BVTs
3 - Read and comment on two specs that have meetings next Monday
4 - Complete Outlook testing
5 - Complete acceptance testing on two different builds

Do you know what I've just been assigned to do as my top priority? Copy and past 200+ GB18030 test cases from our database into an excel document for our International testers who suddenly must have them, cannot use our database and need to complete GB18030 certification by this Friday.

Could they find a trained monkey to do this job? No. Of course not. They needed me because I'm the loc point of contact and every person in the department is working at 150% already. Wonderful. It fucking figures.

I am so going to need my 3pm coffee o'clock and walk. I'm ready to kill someone over this. It's going to be a late night.