April 4th, 2005


It's True

It's hard to write about anything else when you are in a creative phase on a current project. It eats your brain. This weekend: Sin City - Amazing and amazingly violent; The Mercury - Sucked hardcore but I looked good; Writing - lots and lots; LARPing - Interesting.

Weird ass dreams this morning. Kind of disturbing. Still thinking about them.
Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth

Super Creepy Dream

Damned if I can figure out what this means. The memory of this dream is still giving me the creeps.

4 April 2005
No Escape

It was a camp out or convention at a place in the woods with log cabins. I've forgotten most of it except for some of the unsettling parts. The less disturbing parts involve a bunch of us crowded in a cabin to sleep. I was sleeping next to a mattress. A woman sleeping on the end of the mattress decided she didn't want my stuff so near her and just moved it. I ended up confronting her about it later. My confrontation took the form of me having to put one hand on a picture she was looking at and lifting her face with my other to calmly tell her what she did was very rude and that she should not do it again. There was something very... unsettling about me leaving a handprint on her black and white photo.

After that, I went to find Alex at the log cabin hotel to ask if I could crash in his room with him and Johanna. He said sure. This is the part that becomes... creepy. I leave and I get lost in the hotel. I am going through a labyrinth of halls until I find a room with a guy who looks like a live action version of the Neil Gaiman's Sandman. In the room are rows and rows of people who are bound to what looks like toilets. They have IVs hooked up to them, too. Each one is wearing some sort of black and white clothing that reminds me of what people are buried in.

I turn and run. This was really scary to me. There was no fun chase scene. It was just like one scene transitioning into another. No vicarious thrill of the chase. I was simply caught. I ended up back in that room which was now a forest. The dark green of the foliage is a creepy compliment to the already frightening scene. The man is there, telling me now that I found it; I had to stay for a while. I know I can't escape. I know it. There is a fearful resignation to it.

I am moved, I don't know how, to in front of one of the white and black toilets. I am nervous and unsure. I ask if I should pull down my pants and am told no. I'll just go through my clothing. It won't bother me a bit because what is going to happen to me is a form of sensory deprivation. The only words I actually remember hearing him speak are, "Four weeks should do it for you. It will be just like a vacation." He approaches me with medical tubing to tie me down. The dream fades with me looking at his face and the tubing in his hands.

I woke up extremely unsettled from this dream.