March 16th, 2005


BPAL reviews

Mostly for me. More reviews of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

Name: Forbidden Fruits
Scents: Lotus, flowers, amber, citrus
Thoughts: I really wanted to like this one. I did. However it is just plain nasty on me. My first impression was of cotton candy covering a sharper unpleasant scent. It dried to a weird mixture of sweet covering a rotten fruit smell that would assault my nose occasionally. Yuck. Definitely not.

Name: Siren
Scents: White ginger, jasmine, vanilla, apricot
Thoughts: Another one I really wanted to like and hated. Too sharp and frankly, smells very masculine on me. No.

Name: Dorian
Scents: Three pale musks and dark, surgared vanilla tea
Thoughts: Nice. A little masculine for me at first but then, it fades to a nice vanilla with a hint of musk. I like it. Definitely keep the imp (Ximena's scent?), maybe buy 5ml bottle. I'm interested in what it would smell like on a guy. Maybe.

Name: Hunger
Scents: Black narcissus, orange blossom, vanilla
Thoughts: I wanted to like it but no. The black narcissus is too strong. A few hours later, I liked it but I don't like it enough to endure the black narcissus. No.

Name: Gluttony
Scents: Dark chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, hops with pralines, hazelnut, toffee, caramel
Thoughts: No. Too sweet and strong at first. Then, too much buttery scent. Now, it is drying into what smells like a burnt cookie smell. Just plain yucky on me. No.

So sharp she never even realized she was cut...

A random IM in the afternoon. These kids today. How can they get by not knowing how to do such simple math?

psychochyck6669: HELLO
GaanEden: Hello?
psychochyck6669: what's your name oh wait i bet it's Jenn
GaanEden: Yes. Who are you?
psychochyck6669: i am Danielle
GaanEden: Have we met, Danielle?
psychochyck6669: no
GaanEden: Alright. What can I do for you?
psychochyck6669: nothing really i am just very bored
psychochyck6669: how about you
GaanEden: How did you get my IM?
GaanEden: I am at work.
psychochyck6669: on the lookupreply list
GaanEden: Gotcha.
psychochyck6669: where do you work
GaanEden: Microsoft.
psychochyck6669: sounds fun
psychochyck6669: how old are you
GaanEden: For certain definitions of the word fun, yes.
GaanEden: How old are you?
psychochyck6669: 18
GaanEden: I am 150% of your age.
psychochyck6669: and how old would that be
GaanEden: :-) That is for you to figure out.
psychochyck6669: i am no good in math sorry
GaanEden: Ok... 100% of 18 = 18.
GaanEden: What is 50% of 18?
psychochyck6669: i think like .............uh 9
GaanEden: Right. So... 100% of 18 plus 50% of 18 equals what?
psychochyck6669: uh........27
GaanEden: Right.
GaanEden: Now you know how old I say I am and how to deal with percentages.
psychochyck6669: you would be an awesome math teacher
GaanEden: Probably not. I'm too impatient but since I have time while my automation test cases run, you are sufficiently entertaining.
psychochyck6669: why thank you
GaanEden: You are welcome.
psychochyck6669: you are much more nicer than the other people i talk to on here
GaanEden: Most people do not welcome random IMs. Most of the time, I have people keep moving. You caught me at a good time, in a good mood.
psychochyck6669: well than i am glad i did and i am very glad you are in a good mood
GaanEden: And now, I have to go to a meeting. So, I need to bring this little diversion to an end.
psychochyck6669: well ok
GaanEden: Have a good day.
psychochyck6669: you to bye


It's official. New contract with Sovereign Press. Woot! I will be working on the new hardback sourcebook Legend of the Twins - the time period is just after the Cataclysm. Fiction and world building. This one has an extremely tight turn around for the amount of words I'm contracted for. So, it looks like I'm going to be heads down for the next five weeks. Man, I love writing in the Dragonlance universe. Plus, I know I have at least two more contracts coming down the line. *happy dancing*