March 15th, 2005


Dream Snippet

Fun dream snippet this morning involving me, Wendy (deirdremoon), Rob (camino_volare) and Bill (baronlaw). We were all in a meeting together with the rest of the small company (25 people, maybe) talking and viewing a slideshow about the company ski trip that I did no go on because I don't like snow. The group was talking about the next morale event and someone suggested a ranch or a farm. The four of us looked at each other and busted out laughing. Rob mouthed the word "Eskimo..." and the rest of us started laughing harder. The rest of the company couldn't understand what we were laughing at and we certainly weren't going to tell them about Team Volare or the whore farm.

So Cool and So Sad...

My fabulous boss brought me back a couple pairs of earrings from India because he figured I would like them and they would be perfect for my LARPing. How cool is that? They are really pretty. Not what I would have chosen for myself but both are perfect for Ximena.

However, he is officially changing the HR documents today. As of this afternoon, he is no longer my fabulous boss. Just my fabulous friend. I am really sad about that.

This Tuesday is very much a Monday for me:
- I'm on pager duty. Bleh.
- I'm cancelling the 7th Sea game due to illness and jetlag.
- Automation is not working today.