February 23rd, 2005


[A] Night! (At the Iverson's home.)

[A] night is tonight!

7:00pm - Doors open
8:00pm - Lost (last week)
9:00pm - Lost (this week)

Soda, tea, and juice are available for consumption. If enough people are interested, we could easily be talked into opening a bottle of wine. You are encouraged to bring something for sharing/entertainment purposes, but this is by no means required.

All are welcome. If you are new and need directions, please email covenantscave or post for private access.

Ten Things Meme

Ten things I have done that you probably have not done:
01. Lived in a 300 year old mansion in Belgium.
02. When I was 5, had something happen to me that was interesting in enough to get pictures of the top of my head put into medical books. (I had an infection on the top of my head that glowed in the dark.)
03. Shot a 40 pound compound bow in competition in my tweens.
04. Been part of a paintball team called "The Band of the Bloody Hand." (Ice, were you part of that? I don't remember.)
05. Rapelled out of my 7th story dorm window because I could.
06. Fostered 7 kittens at one time.
07. Ran a Science Fiction/Fantasy convention in the SF bay area. (Never again.)
08. Have seen the inside of "Site R" (One of the underground Pentagons and bloody impressive.)
09. Have been on a Trident war submarine in Bangor, Maine.
10. Have visited the oldest Abbey in the world in Belgium.