February 6th, 2005


New LARP, New Character.

If you ever want to stand out like a sore thumb at a Vampire LARP, wear pink. I did and, boy, did I ever stand out. Rowen really doesn't *seem* to fit into this crowd but she held her own. Much to the surprise of some there, I think. Wait until they see what I wear next time - virginal white! *mwahaha* Though, really, I -must- get something better to read. I think I'll try the Feehan books next time. At least, from the sounds of it, they have a plot and decent writing. If not, I think the Anita Blake series will count because of all the smut in it.

Favorite bits:
- Walking into the room for the first time in my jeans, pink shirt and slouchy gray/white sweater and looking at all of the broody dark vampires in black. "Oh. I think I underdressed."

- Talking to the new Prince, a Ventrue, after discovering my exceedingly non-political, romance reading bibliophile has just become the Ventrue primogen because she's the only other Ventrue in the area besides the Prince. *shaking the Prince's hand* "We're gonna get more Ventrue, right?" "Yes, but until then, I think you will make an excellent primogen. I like how blunt you are." "But, we're gonna get more Ventrue, right?" The Prince pats her arm, "You'll be fine."

- The Prince has gathered everyone together and is talking about who has what positions. Rowen is reading. The player has zoned out. Suddenly, I hear. "The Ventrue primogen is this young lady right here." I look up, startled, having no idea what's going on around me to see the Prince standing in front of me with a big smile. I smile back and look around, trying not to look panicked again.

BTW, Ben, your character must have made one hell of an impression on me. I dreamt about him this morning. Only, Oliver Platt was playing the part of Marko. I'll have to tell you about it sometime.

The IC impression of it will come later. In short, Rowen thinks these people are all crazy.

Victory Conditions

Victory Conditions for the week of January 30th - Partial Victory
- Write up at least one more submission for the WW novel contest. [Done]
- Set up a series of workout appointments with Emily. [I called. She hasn't returned my call yet.]
- Submit my application to gothroyalty. [Done and accepted.]

The final count was 31 yes votes to 29 no votes. A close one. I hope I bring something to the group that most everyone will appreciate.

Victory Conditions for the week of February 6th
- Walk at lunch twice next week.
- Start on the NERO race package: Dark Elf.
- Plot out 2-3 sessions of Threads of Fate.