January 18th, 2005


Stretched and Thin in all the wrong ways...

I think I've spread myself too thin. I have this "cut back on my social activities in favor of my writing" urge. In other words, I'm seriously thinking of going into hiding... but productive hiding. This isn't to say that I won't see friends. No. It's more to say I'm going to have to cut back on some of the stuff I am doing socially and step away from some of the things I've committed to. Part of this is because I just got a bit burned in the romantic sense. Rejection sucks and, like a hurt animal, I need to step back and lick my wounds. Part of this because I have some writing goals that I'm just not going to meet unless I step back and make writing my focus.

That's my problem. I've lost my focus. I need to find it again.