January 14th, 2005


The cat... she is out of the bag.

So, the short of the work matter is that my particular team in Live Meeting, for business and efficiency reasons, is being disbanded. We worked so hard and well that we worked ourselves out of our jobs. Our feature is now considered "legacy" and is being moved to the legacy group in India.

What this means for me and my team is that we, who work so well together, will be broken up in March and shifted into other teams in the org to work on different components that need the help. This, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. What I'm terribly upset about is the loss of my fabulous boss, Patrick. I'm finally happy and everything gets shifted. We are all still in the same test organization, just on different teams. I hear that the other two leads that I might be working for are excellent. However, that doesn't stop me from pouting about the loss of my team and my awesome boss.

Honestly, the move is a good one and makes sense. I will enjoy working on the new components. I have been working on the Rapid front end since its inception back when Live Meeting was PlaceWare and MS was never a possibility. 3-4 years now. The new stuff will be very cool. I just wish Patrick was the one leading the change.

Geek Alert!

This is a quote that just must be shared. They might have been joking but, a couple of test engineers were walking by my office and I heard:

"We're making bug fixes that add +6 to logging!" "Yeah! Awesome!"