December 26th, 2004


Meme Responses

I did the Pair Meme a few days ago and this is what the results were. In the end, the majority seems to think I am: Submissive, Intuitive, Social, Kinky, Sophisticated, Kitten, Sleek Satin, Leader, Talkative and Planned. Some of the results are spot on in my mind and some are very interesting.

  • dominant(3) or submissive(4) - This doesn't surprise me. In some situations, I can be very dominant. In others, I am submissive. Generally, I'm dominant when no one else will be or someone I don't believe should be tries to be.
  • logical(3) or intuitive(4) - Again, not surprising. Sometimes, I am ruled by my need for order and logical progression. Other times, I go with pure gut. Nice to see that people have noticed this.
  • social(5)or loner(2) - For the most part, I am social. I get loner when I've been around too many people for too long.
  • kinky(6) or vanilla(1) - Yet. All you have to do is talk to me a bit to figure out this one.
  • cute(2) or sophisticated(5) - This one surprises me. I would have sworn that I was "cute" over "sophisticated." I'm going to have to think about this one.
  • kitten(7) or puppy(0) - Well, duh.
  • warm flannel sheets(1) or sleek satin(6) - Again, this one surprises me. I always thought of myself in terms of comfort over style. I suppose this goes with sophisticated.
  • leader(5) or follower(2) - See dominant vs. submissive.
  • quiet(1) or talkative(6) - Oh, yeah. I will listen but I prefer to talk.
  • spontaneous(0) or planned(7) - Another "well, duh."