December 13th, 2004



*squee!* My birthday flowers from zunger finally arrived. It's really pretty. The flowers are baby white roses, pink and red carnations, yellow daisies and some other ones I don't know the names of. Plus, there is a really soft teddy bear holding some Hershey's kisses and a balloon! This is just wonderful! *happydancing* Aww. I'm all gooey now.

Orphans Christmas

I've decided to host an Orphans Christmas this year. It will be Saturday, the 25th, from noon until whenever. Granted, it's not going to be really traditional but there will be good food, good company, movies, games and the like. Everyone is invited. Please RSVP in some manner (comment, email, IM, phone) to let me know if you are going to drop by so I have an idea of who and when. Potluck dishes are encouraged by not required. I will be providing stuff like pizza, chips, dips, sodas and the like.