December 3rd, 2004


Lesson Learned

Ok. So, I have now discovered what happens if I either overeat my band or eat the wrong thing. Holy crap! I just thought I had pain before. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. Collapse )

Can I get any geekier?

Alright, I'm a gaming goober. Stolen from britgeekgrrl who stole it from someone else.

Ask any of my vampire characters a question, and they'll respond in-character.

For Crimson Dawn players, if you want to ask Ximena a question IC from your character, (As Johanna put it...) you may ask the question as your Crimson Dawn character and take the answer in-character, also - but don't be surprised if she (shock, horror!) lies to you. No, you don't get to throw a challenge to see if she's telling the truth. Just relish the opportunity while it lasts, okay?