November 30th, 2004


The Fill, part 2

This time around, things went much, much better. Part of the problem with yesterday is that my incision scar is "dropping." That means, the nurses were looking about two inch too low for the port. Now, I'm supposed to remember to mark the spot with a sharpie until it can be felt through the skin. Dr. Watkins numbed me and gave me the filled. It was over pretty quick. The most interesting thing was feeling something inside me being pushed then get heavy.

Eating is now a very different experience. The 'full' feeling is different from the usual "I'm full" feeling I used to get. Plus, they aren't kidding about the 1/2-1 cup of food filling you up. I had a boiled egg and about 1/3 of a cup of peas and corn. That was more than enough. I got hiccups after I was done. The thing I'm really going to have to get used to is eyeballing the right amount of food despite the big plates.

The Mercury!

This Saturday, moon_kitten, bysmael and I are planning to go to the Mercury for dancing, people watching and generally enjoying all things Goth. We want to arrive around 9:15pmish in order to snag one of the booths so everyone can sit together. You all are welcome to join us. Let me know if you think you can or will go. That way, we'll know to look for you.