November 23rd, 2004


Good things.

A big thank you goes out to wastededucation for the wonderful yule gift he got for me. It was very unexpected and really nice. I'm not going mention what it is here in case he got the same for others.

Good-ness! I left my cell phone at home and was fretting over it until I figured out I could call my cellphone voicemail from another phone! Yay! That way, I won't miss the call from Xander's (hopefully) new owner. I met with him last night and the two of them really hit it off well. He's supposed to be going to the Seattle Animal Shelter today and will call me about picking Xander up tonight.

You Rock...

You know that "You Rock!" meme? Well, I'm avoiding work, my mood is in the dumps and my head in the clouds. I want a bit of ego stroking. Tell me why I rock in comments. :) Pretty please?
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Xander is now gone. He's been adopted by a guy who will definitely spoil him rotten. The two of them bonded well in the short time I saw them together. Xander even stopped wiggling long enough to sprawl in the guy's lap to play with his fingers. I'm gonna miss him but it's for the best.

Besides, next weekend I have three more kitties temporarily moving in - moon_kitten and her two cats. Boy, Esme is gonna love that.