November 22nd, 2004


I Like It!

I'm back from my first NERO Seattle weekend and it was really pretty interesting.... though, fscking cold. I don't remember the last time I have been so cold. I did my two planned NPCs - the Contessa and the time traveler, Samira, but, I also got to play another "on the spur of the moment" NPC that I adore: Bella Rose, a life size porcelain doll that I thought up on the fly for the Toymaker plot. I had the most fun with her and I can already tell that she will be a returning NPC. I just need to get a big red velvet bow for her hair now.

I must say, the weekend really spurred on my creative juices. After I got home, I started doodling out a story arc based on various things I saw, heard and thought up. Before I knew it, I had 14 required story arc mods and 3 crunchy bit mods spanning a year's (or more) time - just for this one story arc idea. Not to mention the 3 story mod ideas I thought just based on specific characters I watched over the weekend. I can't wait to hand my ideas over to the rest of the plotters. My goal, as a plotter, is to run at least one mod for each and every character in the game where they are the focus of the story.

Also, I have an idea for a non-fighting PC. Though, I suspect that she won't be introduced until March 2005.

One interesting thing that happened over the weekend was the fact that I suddenly realized, really late Saturday night that I had not heard a single car the entire weekend. No computers. No phone. No email. Just me, running around in a fantasy world. I had about 30 seconds to stop, appreciate this and admire the myriad of stars I could see before I had to run off to the next plotter task. This is something I think I could get used to. I just hope it isn't so damn cold next time.