November 17th, 2004


Cause I'm a Goober...

... and I'm not ready to write about the realization I had last night.

If you were a Pirate! by TheHalveric
Yer Pirate Name!
Name yer ship!
Why be ye a Pirate?
Yer First Mate!mrweathers
Yer Cabin-boy! (or girl)mouseferatu
Ye're chief rival be the Dread Pirategaijinsamurai
Ye'll be pursued by Admiralzunger
Cut to ribbon in a freak cannon accident...dreaming_shaman
Yer pirate captive to use fer yer wicked pleasuressteine
Number o'ships ye'll sink and women ye'll plunder!408
Chance ye'll be hanged... or worse.: 26%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Let's see...

  • My first mate is a good friend.
  • My cabin boy is a man that I would happily "attend to" to get his writing secrets/contacts.
  • My chief rival is a man who will absolutely give me a good game.
  • I'm pursued by the one man I don't want to get away from.
  • The person blown up is imaginary.
  • My captive is a lass I'm sure could entertain me for a 1000 days and nights. "Good night, Steine. I'll most likely kill you in the morning."
  • newlips

    [A] Night

    [A] Night is tonight but, it is NOT at my place. It is at hansandersen's townhome tonight. Ping him for directions if you do not already know them.

    Doors open around 7:30pm.
    8:00pm - Ultraviolet, episode 6 of 6
    9:00pm - Some odd mind screw of an anime Hans has been threatening us with for ages.

    NOTE: Next week, [A] Night will be hosted by covenantscave and darklingrose for a double shot of Lost. I am sure covenantscave will post directions in his journal next week.