November 13th, 2004

I am not a number!

Computer advice wanted

Ok. I need to get a new computer within the next 6-8 weeks because my trusty machine of many years is finally dying. I always get really nervous when I have to buy new hardware because I'm great at breaking things, I don't really know what's good out there and I need something that lasts. This computer I am currently using is a Win98 machine and just over five years old.

This is what I want to use my computer for:
1. Writing
2. Email
3. Surfing the web
4. Chatting with friends
5. Listening to music
6. Downloading and watching videos
7. Burning music CDs
8. Watching DVDs
9. VPN into work for working at home
10. Light photo manipulation

I am not a power user. I don't play games on my machine for the most part. I am primarily a writer. I want something that will last me a long time. I need a Windows machine for working at home. I prefer Dell machines but I am willing to look at other machines.

So, if I were to get a desktop computer what would you recommend? If I were to get a laptop (which would primarily be a desktop machine), what would you recommend? Also, if you are local, would you be willing to go with me to get the machine?

6 down, 1 to go

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The Seattle Animal Shelter had one of their kitten and cat adopt-a-thons today. 4 of 5 five kittens I have been fostering were adopted. Only Xander was not. When I came home tonight, after dropping him off and running to dinner, I heard him mewing piteously. He really wanted attention and purred like there was no tomorrow when I came in and sat down with him. He was so very happy to see me. I know that he really wants to find a good home.

Xander is 14.5 weeks , is a small male, is a short haired gray and white kitten with oriental features to him. He would do well with other kittens, with an older cat or by himself with a person who would give him attention most days. He's very sweet natured, likes to sit with you and loves to lick fingers.

Please, won't you consider him or mention him to your friends and co-workers?