November 10th, 2004


[A] Night!

[A] night is tonight!
7:00pm - Doors open
7:30pm - Last Exile, disc 6, episode 3
8:00pm - Lost
9:00pm - Ultraviolet, episode 6/6 (The exciting conclusion!)

Last Exile - Prestel, a world filled with the atmosphere of the time when it went through industrial revolution remains. There lives Klaus Valca, a 15 year old who using the Van Ship (a small flying ship) left behind by his father, made his home in the sky along with his childhood friend Lavie Head who is also 15. Their dream was to surpass what their fathers couldn't do and that was to pass through the storm known as "Grand Stream". But, one day, a mysterious girl Alvis Hamilton, aged 11, is entrusted to them by the battle airship Silvana and they get dragged into a battle that shakes the world.

Ultraviolet - Michael Colefield is unwillingly thrust into the nightmarish world of vampires when he discovers a secret government organisation operating undercover within the police when his friend Jack disappears under suspicious circumstances on the eve of his wedding.

Soda is available for consumption.
Long haired kitty cat princess in residence who likes to bite. Take your meds and pet at your own risk.
All are welcome. If you are new and need directions, please email me.

Oh, ow!

(Taking a cue from Mary...) Let me preface this by saying I'm pretty sure I'm OK now. I'm just going to be sore for a day or two.

I hurt myself tonight while at [A] night. For some reason, my DVD player hates my Ultraviolet disc. I suggested I play it on my computer instead. Hans suggested we go to his place. I was fine with that. I ran to the bathroom, then back to the living room to get my coat, left on the comfy chair, which Leigh-Ann had shifted back to it's proper spot. Unfortunately, on my way back out, I tripped over one of the cat's toys and fell pretty hard.

Fortunately, I landed heaviest on my knee and my hand and twisted my ankle a little ... But, I did something BAD to my tummy. I think, based on the pain in my back, I threw my upper body back in an effort not to fall on my tummy and ended up stretching or straining my tummy and my surgery incision points. Especially the main one. Holy shit, did that hurt. I mean "OMG-did-I-split-my-incision-or-tear-something-inside" hurt.

It's funny how pain just slices through emotional barriers like a hot knife through butter. I got angry and fearful immediately. All the emotions of the stress I've been under for the past week or so was pushed behind it. I could barely move because of the pain and I just wanted everyone gone before someone touched me and made it worse. Then, I was sobbing because it hurt so much and I couldn't do anything else. I asked everyone to leave and said I'd be ok. Logically, I figured out that I had not split my incision point because nothing was leaking through my pants. Thus, I would be OK.

After everyone left, I took some of the Lortab and Advil for the pain and the possible swelling. It's been about an hour and a half. I'm feeling better. Just sore all over. I've obviously been most concerned about my tummy and the soreness there. But, there is no new bruising, split skin or obvious swelling. The pain has lessened over the last 90 minutes. So, I feel safe enough to go to bed.

I'm sorry for yelling at my guests to get out before bursting into tears. It just hurt so much, I could barely think straight.