November 9th, 2004


I'm not insane. Really. Ok. Maybe just a little.

I have become that person. You know, the one walking through the hallways talking to herself. The one you might possibly believe is on the phone until you realize they have no phone. The one you wonder who they are talking to and why. You know how I discovered this? I was wandering through the hallway, muttering things like "This is going to be painful." or "I swear, I'll kill him!" or "Policheck. Policheck. Must remember to get back to Suzanne." when I noticed that people were looking at me funny as they passed me in the hallway. Without a pause, rambled on to myself. "Yep, that's you. It's happened. You're talking to yourself out loud and you didn't even realize it. Whoops, doing it right now..." Doug was approaching me and I couldn't help myself. I raised my voice slightly, "Hmmm, I wonder how I tell them I don't have an internal monologue anymore..." Doug grinned and kept going. He is very cute.

I finally got to start up my test pass (you know, the one I have to have done by the 19th... well, maybe you don't know... trust me on this one) at 5:06pm. It looks like I'm going to be working late every night this week.

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