November 4th, 2004


Fixing Them All.

Five kittens are at the shelter getting spay and neutered. If I and riverheart are lucky (good timing willing), I'll only be bringing three of them home. It depends on the timing. Otherwise, they will have to come back to my house to pick them up.

The trip only took me an hour this time and I did get stuck going South on 99 to Aurora... yea cats, did I ever get stuck! I think I crossed two bridges before I found a way to turn around. But, once I got myself turned around, I found the place pretty easily and coming back was busy but easy. I had my audio books to keep me occupied.

In a few hours, I go back again. Maybe... just maybe... this time, I won't get lost.


All five kittens are home now and only slightly wobbly from the surgery. My trip to the shelter was the quickest by far with getting lost only once. I think I have found my regular route now. Thank goodness for Thomas guides. However, all is not well in Jennville. riverheart and her hubby were denied for adopting the kittens because River was super honest and could not promise that the kittens would never go outside and there is a possible threat of a coyote. I'm seriously pouting and I know they are, too. I know Spike and Angel would have been in a good home.