October 25th, 2004


One down, Six to go...

Yay! I got one of my kittens adopted. moon_kitten was a great help in herding kittens so the adopter could look at and play with them all. Also, I've named them because I was asked to by the shelter. The females are: Buffy (white Siamese), Willow (white Siamese with eye patch) and Anya. The males are: Spike, Angel, Xander (runt) and Giles (tabby). Willow is the one that is getting adopted. However, I think this is going to mean that I have to take her to the shelter tomorrow night. (Mea culpa owlsamantha, if this ends up postponing our plans.)

Remember, if you are in the Seattle area and are interested in kittens, please contact me to visit with them.