October 22nd, 2004



Doc says everything is normal with me and it is the port that was giving me some of those sharp pains. I'm fine. Take advil for pain, no heavy lifting and start exercising next week. I guess that's good. Looks like I'm going to need some help picking up more litter and catfood for the kittens who are growing like weeds.

In other news, it is pretty keen to read some of the short stories written for Grants Pass. I mean, really keen. The perspectives of other writers and the way they take the story. I got two really excellent stories that I'm very happy about. I can't wait to see what other authors come up with.


OK, it is SO not good when the voice of your fabulous mortgage guy squeaks at the amount of the assessment your condo association is about to put on you. It's even worse when he admits that it is so high there may be nothing he can do except maybe get me a second mortgage. *twitch* Otherwise, I'm going to have to do the loan the condo association set up to the tune of an extra $500/month for the next seven years. Crap.