October 15th, 2004


The Day After

My lap-band surgery went off without a hitch. We got there a little bit early because I overestimated the morning traffic in that direction. Got there, got all checked in and ready for surgery with an hour to wait. Heather was really good at keeping me distracted and smiling which I really appreciated. I was most nervous about the anesthesiologist because I don't like needles and my veins like to collapse. He tried to put it in my hand even after I pointed out the vein I'm usually most successful with for getting blood out of me. Fortunately, he used a local anesthetic so I didn't feel him missing. After that, he switched to the vein I suggested and all was well.

By 9:30am, I had gotten over my fear. I was just hungry and tired and I wanted it done. I guess that is why my blood pressure was so good. When the nurse came to get me, I was totally ready and not nervous. I had three people descend upon me as I lay down on the operating table. Two were sticking patches on me and one was having me breath deeply of some pure oxygen while talking to me. The pure oxygen made me light headed very quickly, then slightly nauseated.

Then, I was waking up being told everything went well, I was a stellar patient and I should suck on these ice chips. I think I asked the nurse her name four or five times. I could remember asking the question but not her answer. I still can't remember it. I think it might have been Benet? In any case, I was doing pretty good. When I went to go change, I saw my little scars and fact that my whole torso, from breast line to below my bellybutton, looked yellow from the sterilizing stuff they wipe on.

I called a bunch of people, when I was coherent enough, to let them know that I was OK. After I got home, my day consisted of me eating Popsicles, jello and broth. I took one nap and all was well. Jim, Nate and Leigh Ann came over to visit me and the kittens. It was good to see them.

Last night pretty much sucked for sleeping for me. I could only be comfortable if I laid on my back but I can't sleep on my back. Also, the pain started waking up and reminding me I had just had surgery. I had to go and take the maximum amount of pain medicine I was allow to get to sleep.

This morning was worse. They said the day after would be worse than the day of surgery. Boy, were they right. There are no sharp pains per say but everything hurts, even my back and tummy feels so heavy. I may have to sleep down stairs tonight so I can get some decent sleep. As it is now, I'm awake but wish I wasn't. I'm a wimp when it comes to non-erotic, non-consensual pain. I think, I will be taking today really, really easy.

List of Five Revisited...

Heather and I are watching The Stand. Since I decided Gary Sinise is on my "List of Five" and mentioned it, I had to explain to Heather what the "List of Five" was. Basically, if you are in a monogamous relationship and a person from your "List of Five" comes up and invites you to have wild sex with them, you are allowed to do so without your SO getting upset.

I've updated my List of Five.
1. Vin Diesel
2. Oded Fehr
3. Gary Sinise
4. Viggo Mortensen
5. Jurgen Prochnow