October 12th, 2004


In response...

Someone emailed me and asked me why I chose lap-band over gastric bypass. This is what I said.

I remember you. I don't mind answer your questions. When I first decided to do the procedure, I was 100% certain I wanted to do the gastric bypass and 100% certain I didn't want the lap-band. Then, I went to the first seminar by the Evergreen clinic up here. By the time that seminar was done, I had a complete reversal of my opinion. I will bullet point the reasons why.

* The lap-band surgery does not have a death rate associated with it. All of the other ones do.
* The gastric bypass has about a year of effectiveness, then the stomach stretches. Some of the famous people who have done it are gaining their weight back and are having a lap-band procedure done to prevent that.
* Lap-band surgery only requires a single chewable vitamin instead of a handful of vitamins to deal with the vitamin deficiency.
* Lap-band is completely reversible.
* Lap-band is cheaper and less invasive.

Then, I went to the support groups for both. I discovered more.
* Lap-band people lose weight slower but over the long term, the two types of procedures have equal weight loss. Also, weight loss continues after one year.
* Gastric bypass people look unhealthy. They have a gray tinge to their skin and their hair limp.
* Lap-band people do not have to have the conversation on what to do about extremely odorous and frequent flatulence.

In the end, I decided that the lap-band procedure is the better procedure for me. It is a lot less invasive, scary and expensive. It has a much quicker recovery time, less complications and no death rate. My recommendation for you is to find informational seminars for the various procedures. You can do this by looking at www.obesityhelp.com

Hmph. I guess, when I review it like that, I really don't have anything to worry about.