October 9th, 2004


"Ah, Vanity. It's my favorite sin."*

Had one of those "I'm in school but I can't remember where my locker is or my next class" dreams. However, in the one class I was in, it was a tactical warfare in space class. My side won the battle but ended up killing my Team Lead from work and I was VERY upset at this. I think, in the end, I would have found out that he wasn't dead, it was just a simulation. The other class that I couldn't find was a class on Chess.

Hmmm... Do I think I am going to war soon?

Ah, well.

This morning, I had an email from Andy of Casey & Andy fame. He writes the comic and nicely put me in it as the side character Jenn. Apparently, people are interested in Jenn's ethnicity and background. So, I let him know what I know.

"Heya Andy,
Good to hear from you. How's work and all? Working for the Evil Empire here and fostering, get this, seven kittens right now. All cute, adorable furry balls of destruction that can be herded with a laser pointer. I'm having a lot of fun.

Let's see, on my Mom's side, I'm a mutt mixture of German, Scottish and Irish. The only thing of note is the fact that I am related to General Hood, Robert E. Lee and the royal MacGregor clan on Mom's side. As for my Dad's side, I've already done a little research.

Brozek: History of the name

There are several possible origins of the Romanian surname Brozek. Firstly, and most probably, the surname can be patronymic in origin, being derived from the forename of the original bearer's father. In this case, the surname can be traced back the forename, Ambrosius, which has many diminutives, including the East European forms of Broser, Brose, Broze, Brosek and Brosciusz. The original bearer would have been the "son of Ambrosius" or the "son of Broze".

The forename itself comes from the Latin and means "Divine" or "Immortal" and was a popular name in the Middle Ages as at this time it was commonly believed that forenames had the ability to influence a person's character. Thus, it was to be hoped that a child name Ambrosius would grow up to be good and saintly and inspired by divine love.

The earliest documentation of the name's use as a surname dates back to the fourteenth century. Occassionally the surname may be derived from another forename, Prosislaw, was also given the surnames of Proschke, Prosek, Proschek and Proske. Prosislaw itself comes from the same root as Ambrosius and means "Divine Flame" or "Eternal Glory".

Alternatively, the surname maybe of toponymic origin, being derived from the place where the original bearer once lived where he once held land. In this case, the surname comes from the old Slav word "brozek", meaning a "stack" or "hayrick", occasionally a "hen coop", and the original bearer would have been known for such a feature close by his house. Occasionally, it may be that the bearer was employed in the building of ricks or coops, thus he adopted the surname metonymically from the products of his trade.

BLAZON OF ARMS: Azure, a horseshoe argent, the points in base, between the points a crosslet pattee of the same.

CREST: Three ostrich plumes, one argent between two azure.

ORIGIN: Romania

Officially, my family on my father's side is Polish. My grandmother swears we are related to royalty but I've never seen any proof. Obviously, I prefer patronymic meaning over the possible toponymic origin. As a quirk for me, Jennifer is a derivative of Guinevere which means "Light" "Fair" or "Beautiful." So, my name as a whole may mean such cool and pretentious things as: "Fair Eternal Glory" or "Beautiful Immortal" or "Light of the Divine Flame."

Have fun with this in the comic if you want. :)
Talk to you later,

*Guess the movie this quote is from...
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