October 2nd, 2004



I am sitting on the edge of mildly grumpy right now. I should be happy because I'm seeing a friend today and going to LARPing this afternoon. But, I'm not. I have to drive to two places I am unfamiliar with today. You see, one of my quirks is an extreme dislike/fear of driving into unfamiliar places. (In particular, if I am doing it alone. I'm a little better if I have company to get lost with.) It is one of the few things that can actually make me hysterical. Especially if I don't have good directions and/or I get lost. I absolutely hate that.

I'm happy about seeing Samantha, meeting her kidlets and ferret. I even have excellent directions to her place. So, I'm not too nervous about the drive. She is really close to me. I'm nervous about finding my way to Gas Works Park in Seattle for the Heirs to the Fall LARP.

The LARP location was decided late last night. I don't know where Gas Works Park is. I've never been there. Frankly, I don't want to drive there. Especially the first time I am going there. But, it being so damn last minute, I don't think I will have a choice in the matter if I want to go to it. I've sent an email call out for a ride but, I'm pretty pessimistic about getting one.
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