September 24th, 2004

Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth

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Recently, I was discussing vivid dreams with a friend of mine. I noted that while I had been having vivid dreams, I was not remembering them. The reason for that is the fact that I have stopped hitting the snooze button and started getting up as soon as the alarm goes off. I lamented that I missed remembering my dreams. So, I decided to hit the snooze this morning in order to remember my dreams. Perhaps, this morning was not such a good morning for that.

I dreamt that I had gone with a bunch of close friends to look at an old Victorian home. The eight of us were going to rent the place. It was really pretty. As well looked around, we started finding person items. The more we looked, the more it looked like someone else was moving in. Once that was discovered, we walked outside to go back to the cars.

I tarried a little, looking at the Victorian with longing. By the time I had walked back to the cars, someone had taken my seat in the car I had come in. I looked over to the other car, a green VW bug and saw that the front passenger seat was open. As I walked towards it, the driver, who recognized as Tim (cooperati), looked around, didn't see anyone and started driving away.

I ran back to the other car, driven by David and pounded on the back window. They stopped. David (grandmoffdavid) open the driver door. Cynthia (darklingrose) opened the driver passenger door. I explained that the other guy had driven away. I needed to know who was in that car so I could call them and get a ride home. No one knew. David, Lori (random_girl) and Cynthia were all very sympathetic while the other two people in the car were uninterested, looking ahead.

I started getting upset. "You don't understand. I need to get home. If I can't call someone so I can get a ride, I won't be able to get home." Lori, David and Cynthia all exchanged sympathetic but unhelpful glances. Cynthia gave me a hug. "Good luck. I hope you get home." She got back in the car. Then, she and David closed their doors and the car drove off, leaving me standing there alone.
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