September 7th, 2004


Home Again

I'm home again and no worse for wear.

However, I'm very concerned about my home computer system. As far as I know, it had been turned off on Aug 29th and turned back on when I got home today. However, I immediately noticed a couple things different:

First, it didn't ask me for my password when it booted up. It always asks me. I have to figure out why it isn't asking me and what happened.

Second, I noticed a new icon on my tool bar. It looks like a spinning DNA helix. When I hovered over it, it said " Protecting" but I can't get anything off of it by right clicking on it. I can't identify it. I can't turn it off. I ran Ad-aware immediately and was alarmed to see it *poof* in the middle of the scan. I was even more alarmed when I rebooted to see the DNA helix reappear. However, when I ran Ad-aware again, it didn't find anything and the helix stuck around. It just now *poofed* away and appears to be a timed thing.

In any case, I'm not very good with figuring out what's wrong with my computer and I would be ever grateful if someone would mind dropping by to look at it and tell me what's going on with it. (Will? Rory?) It is very disconcerting to turn off my computer, go on vacation, return, turn it back on and discover stuff has changed with it.

Oh, yeah. The cat must have missed me a lot. :)

EDIT: Ah-ha. The first part of the problem is that I'm logging on as Guest. I need to figure out how to lock this down. I'm still not sure about the thing.
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