September 6th, 2004



The convention is over.

My vacation is almost over.

I've just spent the last three hours catching up on LJ, email and the like. Ya'll are a talkative bunch.

I had a really good time this vacation. One of the best I have had in a long time.

I can tell that I'm going to be hit with the post-con blues very hard this time. I can already feel it on the edges of my brain. I'm trying not to think about it because I'm tired and when I'm tired, I often get meloncoly. Especially when I have something to be meloncoly about.

I will be packing it in soon. 4am comes far too early in the morning.

I will be calling various people while I drive back up to WA tomorrow.

I will post again when I get home.

For the record, I will be wearing all black (as usual), a silver chain necklace, earring Lori made and some serious bags under my eyes.

See you all on the flip side.
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