September 1st, 2004


(no subject)

I can't seem to get to Gmail from my ibook right now. So, anyone in write_away who has asked for an extension on the Grants Pass anthology gets it. :) Btw, I stopped in Grants Pass on the way down. It was interesting. It has a paintball course but I didn't see a source of fresh water. I think I'm going to need to get a topological map of the area.

Saw Monte and Thea last night. Much sushi was consumed by Monte and I. *mmmm* Plus, lots of writing/gaming talking. It was what I wanted/needed. Thea made me a small Jerhico labryinth meditation box. It is greatly appreciated. Also, it's really pretty. I know it will be used at lot at work.

Lunch with Ben today was very cool. Discussion of future plans, thesis, graduation and such. I love talking with him. Very smart guy. Dinner wtih Yony tonight at the much missed Chef Liu's. I wonder if they will remember me. :) I hope so. I liked being adopted by them.

Tomorrow night, I get to drop by and seeing Monte again. He's making me homemade baklava for Conquest. You know, it's cool. I've been relaxing a lot and the idea of going to Conquest now feels like I'm about to go on a second vacation. I can handle that.