August 13th, 2004

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Weekend getaway

I don't suppose that anyone in the Seattle or surrounding area owns a cabin in the woods/mountains for a weekend get away from computer, phones and people that could be borrowed or rented, do they?
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Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth

A very nice rejection letter...

I don't even remember sending this story out. My last recollection of Jareth was that it was incomprehensible crap. I guess I cleaned it up pretty well before I submitted it to them.

First off we'd like to thank you for submitting to CTTA. After careful consideration we've decided to pass on your story, Jareth. Please don't take this as a comment on the quality of your work. CTTA is produced on half a shoestring and we have to make some agonizing choices on what to publish. We had close to 200 stories submitted to us this go round and we can only print 10. We strongly recommend you submit to other publications and hope you will submit to us in the future.

Having said that I wanted you to know that your story received high grades from our readers and I enjoyed it also. Thanks again for giving us a look at your fine work and good luck with your future work.

A. A. Roberts