August 10th, 2004



Apparently, my life was getting too comfy. My car won't start this morning. I am now waiting for the tow truck. *le sigh*

Status update

Good News: My medical stuff came back. No Graves, normal thyroid, not anemic, no diabetes and no menopause. I'm "fine."

Bad News: No clue as to why I'm having all of the issues I am currently having. Most likely it is all "stress related." I need to relax more.

Bad News: My car is having electrical problems. Drained battery. Short in the wiring. When my headlights are on, my brake lights don't work. Had to keep it overnight. The whole experience is going to end up costing about $650.

Good News: This didn't happen to me on my road trip to CA.

Good News: Less than three weeks until my road trip!