August 3rd, 2004


*happy dance* for Grants Pass

I am super excited today! I have been quietly soliciting some very well known and widely respected authors to write for the Grants Pass anthology. I have received several responses telling me how much they like the idea but due to family life and professional deadlines, they would be unable to write a story for it. However, they wanted to read it after it was published. Even to offer a quote for the cover.

Yesterday, I got my first tentative "Yes." I am beside myself with happiness and excitement at this author's tentative "yes" and him telling me how much he "loves the idea" of Grants Pass. He has even agreed to pass on the information to other well known authors who might like to write for it.

From there, I ended up in a conversation with another author/editor who has three novels under his belt so far and edits a couple of well known magazines. He has offered to link me up with an agent from a publishing house to talk about selling the anthology to them. If nothing else, we can sit down and have a discussion about what to do with the anthology once it is ready.

Sorry I can't say who it is yet. I will when the tentative yes become a definite yes.
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