June 28th, 2004


It's been a while...

Good weekend. Good day for a Monday. I got Patrick's evaluation of my first splat at my review doc. I have never seen so much purple (comment tags) on a document before. Damn. He's good. Real good. I've just finished my second splat at the first half of the document where I discuss that I'm wonderful, walk on water and gave concrete examples. I'm actually starting to feel confident about this thing. I'm about to go to the second half of the document where I will explain that over the next year: I will walk on water, how I will do it and exactly what steps I will take, when.
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Just for the record...

A little known guessimation inspired by flamingbabyhead.

  • 1 mile = 5280 feet = 63360 inches
  • The average height of a man is 5'9" or 69 inches
  • 238,855 miles = Distance away from the moon = 1,513,852,800 inches away from the moon
  • Divided by 69 inches...

    It would take about 219,331,200 ninjas, standing on each others shoulders, to reach the moon.
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