June 14th, 2004


The ghost said hamhocks!

I absolutely love the paring of Doctor Percival Bannister (sylvan) and Miss Ximena Harker (Lady, if she's being official) for the Crimson Dawn game. These two are nothing but trouble and I am delighted by it. Even our downtime scene are utterly amusing and filled with dramatic pulp amusement. A couple of quotes from the downtime scene:

Percy to Ximena: "Miss Harker, grab a hamhock!"
Ximena immediately does.
(They were in a meat shop that had a hidden door in the floor and there was movement below.)

The Seneschal to Ximena and Percy later: "So, what you are telling me is there is the possibility of a kindred coming to me to complain of being assaulted by salted meat?"
Ximena: "Well, yes. That and the possibility of accidental trespassing."
Seneschal: "Ah. There is that."

Percy to the Seneschal: "We seem to have found quite the mystery in London."
Seneschal with a restrained smile: "I have heard of your adventures. I prefer that you keep them out of London."
Ximena: "Oh, we don't usually go looking for adventure. It just seems to find..."
Ximena and Percy: "... us."
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