June 7th, 2004

Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth


This is what I get for reading Exit Mundi (various world ending scenarios) and watching The Dead Zone before going to bed.

I had some pretty violent dreams last night. One of them involved me and another girl escaping from someone who caught us again (I think). It was a stand off of sorts. The woman wanted something from me and I refused to give it to her. She threatened to hurt my nieces and I bluffed, saying that I didn't care what happened to them and she expected this and the torment had already started. I ran from that, calling my father for help. When he arrived, I cried on his shoulder, blubbering about Shannon's children. He told me it was alright. I did the right thing.

Switch to another dream. I was sitting inside a house, looking out the window at the balcony across the street and up a bit. There was a children's party going on and I suddenly got the impression that something bad was going to happen. I started to pick up the phone and call 911. But, since nothing had happened yet, I stopped myself. Then, the balcony collapsed and the children were screaming and falling. This time, I did call 911. However, my house phone kept hanging up on me. I got my cellphone and ran outside.

Switch to another dream. I'm walking along with my father. The world is ending. There is destruction everywhere. I have psychometry and if I touch someone, even in passing, I see how they die. Most of them have horrible, painful deaths. I walk to a church. People are talking about all sorts of strange supernatural stuff happening. I know it is because we have reached the end times. I walk through the church, to one of the inner rooms. There are several priests there. One starts to keep me out, but the priest in charge waves me in. As I walk in, I realize that it is snowing only in this room.

He is a young man who would be handsome if not for the air of a great weight on his shoulders. He turns to the other priest, "At this point, I cannot see what to do." I know this means he needs me. He needs my skills. But, I am so tired and so heart sore. I look him in the face and realize that his eyes are not of this world. They are pale green and white. He is not blind but he does not see as we do. I reach out my hand, knowing all I will see is his death. But, as he takes my hand, my Gift only shows me what is currently happening. It is such a relief. He takes my other hand as I rest my head on his chest. "I can only see this."

"I know." He says. "I exist only in the present. Rest now."

I close my eyes and do so.


The image of me holding the priest's hand and resting my head on his chest was powerful and moving one for me. I felt at peace for the first time in a long time (in the dream) and very safe for the moment. Even if I had a hard destiny to face, at that moment, I had no care in the world. It was pretty cool.
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