April 27th, 2004



Jenn/Me: And, I'm more grumpy though, upbeat due to the work out.
Monte: more grumpy?
Jenn/Me: My trainer told me today that he can't keep training with or I need to switch my time to evening workouts - which I hate.
Monte: hmmm
Jenn/Me: This is making the control freak in me flip out.
Jenn/Me: I have 5 weeks in phase 1 and 10 weeks in phase 2 left.
Jenn/Me: I don't want to be rushed into a new trainer who I'm going to hate or... stuck in a time I don't want.
Jenn/Me: I'm picky about my trainer, too. I don't want to work with most females because of the dominance issue. No drill instructor trainer types, either.
Monte: right
Monte: I guess you had enough of the drill instructor in your life already
Jenn/Me: I do not do well with being yelled at.
Jenn/Me: You do not want to make me cry

This whole thing really upsets me. I'm a planner. I like my plans to work out. I like to set things and let them run. I hate the idea of a new trainer and/or a new time. I have no idea how this new trainer will work out. I'm a coward when it comes to trying something new if I don't want to. If I want to, I'm all over the idea. In this case, I'm a coward and I'm apprehensive and I'm unhappy. Losing weight is hard enough without the possibility of hating your trainer.
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