April 1st, 2004


Jealous boots!

My mom is here now and, surprisingly, Esme is being a major jealous boots. She's tried to bite me and mom several times. She really wants my attention. I did play with her while mom and I talked. Also, it seems that they've come to an accord of some sort. Apparently, she sat outside of mom's room waiting from sun up on. Then, claimed her lap when mom sat. It seems that the power of mom's voice and a pointed finger is enough to keep Esme from biting. Not bad. It means I won't have to rush mom to a hospital to deal with a serious cat bite.
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Me, Mom & Hellboy

Me: A bunch of my friends are going to go see Hellboy tomorrow night. Do you want to go?

Mom: *enthusiastic* Yes! I would!

Me: *surprised* You would?

Mom: Yeah. You're father never wants to go to fun movies like that.

Me: Wow. Ok. You'll get to meet some of my friends.

Mom: Well, if you don't want me to embarass you by being weird...

Me: Mom, no worries. This crowd -is- weird. Though, the movie starts at 7pm.

Mom: Oh, that's OK. I go to bed at 10pm.

Me: 7pm is 10pm here, Mom. You'd be going to be more like 1am.

Mom: Oh! Oh... Darn.

Me: That's alright. How about we go take in a matinee and not worry about the crowds. Then, we can go out to dinner.

Mom: That sounds great!

(The trip is going well so far. We have agreed to disagree on religion and politics and not discuss them. I told her about my future plans and she's a bit leery of them, thinking maybe just a move to a different part of MS would fix my current feelings on my job.)
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