March 24th, 2004

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An Appropriate Poem for the Day...

Maybe it's not allergies after all and I've caught Ben's cold.

Bitter Sweet Siren
Hers is a voice that sounds like Kathleen Turner
on a hot summer night as she speaks to her lover.
Warm honey over wet sand, but not sticky sweet.
More like the rough touch of a cat's tongue
as it affectionately grooms you.

Sexy with its paradoxically soft and hard sounds
that make you want to hear more -
Never mind what her voice is saying.
Though, the right words are icing on the cake.

Too bad this voice only comes to her
in the bleakness of unwanted illness.
Cruel in its tempting call
while her body is too weak to respond.

(c)2002 - Eden Blackthorn
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Anime night is tonight!

Anime night is tonight!
7:00pm - Doors open
7:30pm - Witch Hunter Robin, Disc 3, Evangelion, Disc 1

Witch Hunter Robin - A dramatic, dark anime series created by Bandai and Sunrise. It ran from July 2002 until December 2002 with a total of 26 episodes. The series focuses on Robin, a 15-year-old girl who can use the Craft. She is transferred to STN-J, the Japanese branch of a worldwide secret organization, STN, whose task it is to hunt down witches. Witches are seemingly normal people who have abnormal powers; when their powers awaken- with or without their knowledge- they are usually dangerous to regular humans. However, instead of killing witches, STN-J captures them and sends them to the mysterious Factory, which is claimed to treat the witches more humanely than death. What actually goes on inside is unknown.

Evangelion - The classic Existential Biblical Apocalypse Mecha Anime about Teenagers with Low Self-Esteem.

Soda is available for consumption.
Long haired kitty cat princess in residence. Take you meds.
All are welcome. If you are new and need directions, please email me.
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