March 12th, 2004


The Name Meme

If you call me...
...Holly or Dora - you only know me from the Unknown Armies and Revelations LARPs.
...Jennifer or Jenn - you are a friend of mine in real life.
...Missy - you are a member of my immediate family.
...Jenny - you are one of the Russians on my team and that's the only reason you get away with it.
...GaanEden - you only know me on Live Journal.
...Eden - you know me from the CA BDSM scene or my erotic writing.
...JennEden - you are part of the Education hill group and it is an easy way to distinguish WHICH Jenn is being spoken to or about.
...Darlin' - you are one of two men named James.
...Miss Brozek - you know me professionally and enough not to mangle my last name.
...Miss Procheck - you are a telemarketer who has mangled my last name.
...Starkytten or Elea - you know me from the various online MU*s I used to frequent.
...JL - you are my mom being affectionate.
...Auntie - you are one of my two nieces.

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