March 4th, 2004


The Question Meme

This meme has been around for a while but I couldn't resist getting questions from runnerwolf.

1) What has been the most enjoyable part of moving to Seattle?
I would say owning my own home. The buying sucked but the owning is really cool for someone like me who has spent so much of her life moving around and not being able to put down roots. To be able to plan for a future farther out than 3-4 months is amazing. To be able to plan construction on my own home is awesome. I am making it my little safe haven. It is also a bit weird to think, perhaps, I will still be living in not only the same town but the home in 10 years.

2) Is there anyone out here you would still like to get together and spend some time with?
There are several people. Some who I know from CA. Some who I know from online and visits. Some I have recently started meeting from associating with you, Jesse and Jen. Though, if you mean romantically, I don't think so. One or two people have pinged my "hey there" radar but nothing more has come of it.

3) I have never really asked, do you, at this point in your life, self-identify as poly? If so what does it mean to you?
Ultimately, the answer is: it depends. I can go either way. It all comes down to my comfort level where the relationship is concerned and what my intentions are toward the relationship. If it is a casual, let's have lots of fun, relationship - poly works great. If it is a more serious, I really like you and want a future with you, relationship - I would prefer monogamy at the beginning until I am feeling secure about myself and the relationship.

4) Do you plan on continuing the weekly get together on Wednesdays when Angel goes off the air, or would be moved around somewhat? I think you've explained this some, but why do you do the weekly get togethers?
Well, that also depends. Right now, I am planning to keep it on Wednesday nights as it has been established. But, if we find another show we all want to get together for (such as JMS' new B5 series), it could move to that night. Or, if people who come to it decide a different night would be better, we'll shift it. Over all, I keep the weekly get together going because it is a way to establish a common ground and a common reference point for my friends and I. It is also a good way to casually bring in new people to the group. Finally, I do it because there are some friends of mine I wouldn't see otherwise and that just wouldn't do.

As always, if anyone else would like a set of questions, please comment on this post and I will answer with a series of questions I think are appropriate for you.
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