January 27th, 2004

Jenn with flowers

I'm gonna be in a paper!

I just love it when these things come in from out of the blue.


My name is Joanne Hill and I am a student of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Manchester University in England. I am writing an essay on whether ritual is only religious, and I found a message you wrote about your Buffy nights very interesting. I am writing for permission to use the following quote in my essay, and if you grant me the permission how I should reference it. Your opinions would allow me to go into a wide discussion on your point of view. I would like to use it as you include some very persuasive examples. The quote is

"I never thought of the "Buffy" nights as a ritual. But, now that I think back on it, it had many of the same habits that rituals had. A specific name. A specific time and place for people to gather to do a specific activity that rarely changed. There was the specific consuming of pizza and drinks. There was the pre-event gathering to share and visit. It was a good event for new people to join to integrate themselves into the group. Finally, it was based around a topic that some people felt passionate about while others came more for the social aspect of it. Boy, if that doesn't sound like church, I don't know what does."

The essay is due in on Tuesday 3rd February, and I would be grateful if you could get back to me as soon as possible,


Of course, I said yes and asked for a copy of the essay when it was done.
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It was cool, I was craving my workout today. I jumped on the elliptical and said to myself, "Let's try for 15 today." Not only did I make it, I went 17 minutes without stopping. Go me! Anyone who knows the elliptical knows how hard it can be. Even better, every "extra" minute on the elliptical drops a minute off the treadmill. Hmmmm. I need a working out icon. Anyone want to make me one?
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