January 22nd, 2004

Nice Smile 3

Stressing Over Nothing

I realized this morning that I was stressing over something I shouldn't stress over. Namely, getting to work "on time." Um, on time for whom? On time for my boss? No, if he's in by 9:30am, it's an early day. On time for me? Well, yes. I guess. What would happen if I was "late"? Um, nothing? Exactly. But, since I got here, I've been freaked out about being "late" to work. For six months.

Then, it hit me, while I was *ahem* in dispose *ahem* and worrying if this delay would make me late, I wondered who I was going to be late for. I had no meetings this morning. Nor do I punch a clock. Heck, about 50% of the department doesn't even get to work until 9am. If I'm in later than normal, I just stay later at night. No big deal. In fact, I remembered my boss once told me that it doesn't matter how early he comes in, he always stays until 6pm because of the way work is. So, he doesn't come in early anymore and, if needed, I should do the same.

It was a great lifting of weight that I didn't know I had been carrying. I don't have to be at work by 8am. If I was overly tired, there was no harm in sleeping in a couple extra hours if I didn't have any morning meetings. Especially if there were no BVTs to worry about. In general, I can keep my "normal" hours but the only person I'm keeping them for is me. I'm a responsible person. I know when I can get away with things and where I can't.

You can't imagine how good this realization feels.
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