January 13th, 2004

Nice Smile 3


I'm about to create a Health & Fitness filter for the 20/20 program that I'm starting officially on Thursday. Since I will be making a number of posts about this, I will be making a filter for it. If you want to be on the Health and Fitness filter, please comment. I will be discussing the mundane things about it like - food, exercise and the program itself. But, also, I will be discussing how I am affected by it all. Especially since I will be going to therapy - both group support and individual sessions - as part of the program. Some of these posts may get a bit raw emotionally.

For that matter, I do have a TMI filter where I discuss adult things like sex, BDSM and other such provocative topics. If you aren't already on that filter and want to be on it, let me know with a comment. This one, I reserve the right to politely refuse access to.
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