December 24th, 2003


Abstract Thoughts...

Eventually, all of these little posts will be gathered up into one big Abstract Thoughts post.

Abstract Thoughts
24 December 2003
I'm here at Heather's, having a wonderful time. The 12.5 hour drive wasn't bad at all. I started getting a little tired around the 9th hour but generally, the drive went very smoothly. I enjoyed it. Thank God for cruise control. Once there, I got to watch Heather go up in level in Aikido. That was cool. I met her friend Tim (wastededucation) in a big way. *hehehe* But, I was hallucinating by that point. I slept something like 13 hours that night.

Heather and I met up with Michael (mahdi) and Elli (elisandra) for dinner. [Pictures forthcoming.] It was really good finally meeting Michael. Elli, I had not previously known but she and I hit it off as well. Cats were an easy common subject but, more surprising for me were the number of people we both knew. Everyone from BJ to 80% of the Palo Alto crowd to Sylvan and a couple of others up in Seattle. Boy, did I get an earful when it comes to old gossip/common knowledge about some folk. Whoosh!

Titanium Battle Sporks!

Between Heather and I, we bought about $150 worth of titanium sporks. Life is good. We also declared that REI woudl be the first place we'd loot when the apocalyse came because they have really cool stuff. We figure the apocalyse is soon with the killer flu, mad cow disease, earthquakes, terrorists and rabid terriors around.

You know, I love it when people just get it. On the way to REI, we picked up a friend of Heather's. He wanted to know what we were doing. We explained what (titanium sporks) and why (the coming apocalypse) and he said, "Oh. So, you can have soup or poke somebody's eye out. Cool."

After that, on the way to REI, Heather uttered the phrase "Titanium battle sporks." This phrase will be forever etched into my mind.
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